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vastu consultant in jayanagar | vastu tips BRASS ELEPHANTS A pair of elephant above the door is believed to bring good luck, protection and strength. Enhance loving relationship by placing elephants in south west corner of bed room. It is good symbol to bring knowledge and academic success to children. Excellent for gifting on occasion of house warming. contact vastu consultation +91 9916751342 | Astrologer Bhanu Kumar

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palmist in jayanagar | Palm reading and western world The science of palmistry originated in India. However, it got spread all over the world in course of time. The modern palmist Cheiro learnt the study of hand reading in India. He spread its popularity in Europe and North America. Today, palmistry is extremely popular across the globe. The unfailing proof of the truthfulness of palm reading While studying palmistry, you need to know the division of palms. Once you have understood the division of palm, you will easily come to know that it is a science and your interest in studying fate reading will get redoubled. There are seven kinds of palm in the study of palmistry. Elementary hand Square hand Conic hand Philosophic hand Spatulate hand Psychic hand Mixed hand Now, I will just show you some palm which you can easily understand if palmistry is true. Elementary Hand Let’s discuss about elementary hand. The physical characteristics of the elementary hand is clumsy and coarse, thick and heavy with few lines on the palm. The skin inside the palm is generally dry and having short head line. The mounts of the palm are not developed. You will find the hand hard while handshaking. The mental and personal characteristic of the person who has elementary hand is selfish, angry, unintelligent and imaginative. They get easily provoked and easily gets involved with dispute. They are not farsighted and don’t dream about t…

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best astrologer in ulsoor | Astrologers Vastu Guidence Expert astrologers in vastu who can guide you the vital aspects to be kept in mind before building a house. Romance & Marriage Want a happy married life? Our matchmaking analysis can predict what’s right just for you. Education Higher studies on your mind? We can be your guide to make sure you get the best education. Business Wish to expand your business but worried you might not do well? Seek all solutions here. Wealth Are you suffering from monetary losses? Doshas in your horoscope? Get the right solution here! Astro Numerologists We advise personalized astrology solutions for every problem based on numerology for a better luck and life. contact for appointment with bhanu kumar gurugi +91 9916751342 | Astrologer Bhanu Kumar

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gauri ganapti ganesha chaturthi | Mythological story related to gauri puja during Ganesh Chatruthi Gauri is one of the names of goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva and the mother of Lord Ganesh. Once upon a time, Mother Gauri took bath. As per the practice in Indian households, Ma Gauri applied turmeric on her body during bath. Then she collected the turmeric paste from her body and made a doll out of it and breathed life. A charming little lad emerged who was posted as the guardian in her palace entrance. Lord Shiva was denied entry into mother Parvati’s palace by the boy. Shiva was enraged and cut out the head of the boy with his Trishul (trident). Mother Parvati explained Lord Shiva how she created the boy and felt bad at the boy’s death. In order to make her happy, Lord Shiva asked for an elephant head, placed it on the boy’s body and gave him life. This is the origin of Lord Ganesh. Upon giving him new life, Lord Shiva posted him as the Lord of his armies. This day of resurrection came to be celebrated as Ganesh Chaturthi. Since it was Mother Parvati (Gauri) who gave birth to Ganesh, Gauri puja became an integral part of Ganesh Chaturthi puja. This is also the reason why the image of Gauri is made in turmeric paste. Astrological benefit of performing ganesh chaturthi puja are as follows: To remove any obstacle coming in your way. To make a favou…

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husband wife problem solution in jayanagar | Getting married is important decision of life. Marriage is believed to bring lot of luck and happiness. But, due to certain unforeseen reasons, the marriage turns out to be sham and differences grow beyond control between the partners. If you are also in that phase of marriage when doubts outdo the faith and quarrels become the daily routine, you must seek help of our husband wife problem solution Bangalore expert, Pt. Bhanukumar Ji Maharaj. Find solutions for astrological loopholes with our specialist Get the birth chart checked, understand the influence of stars on your habits and actions and find permanent solution for shortcomings in your stars’ position with husband wife fight solution Surat. Our babaji provide support of combined powers of Vashikaran, black magic and astrological studies to take the trouble out from your married life and make it bliss again. You can find the solutions for: Ailing wife/husband Quarrels between couple Suspicious spouse solution Family interference All kinds of marriage problems can be solved by controlling the spouse’s and enemy’s mind and making them work as per your desires. This is actually what Vashikaran and black magic do for the couple in distress and get them their lost love back. | Astrologer Bhanu Kumar

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