best and famous astrologer in koramangala | 9663672335

best and famous astrologer in koramangala | how to read horoscope Check the accuracy of birth details: – To interpret a kundli or horoscope first of all check whether inputs (date, month, year, time & place of birth) supplied by the client are correct or not. We should ask the client where the person concerned was born (it means either in some hospital or at home & if at home then which people recorded his/her birth details. It is very essential because if wrong birth details are entered in calculations then wrong birth charts & wrong vedic horoscopes will be generated which will result in wrong interpretations & wrong predictions. Kindly go through the following webpage to know what inputs should be taken from a client: – Inputs required by email Check the power of planets: – After generating janma kundli & janma patri, check degrees of ascendant or lagna as well as planets. Planets or Grihas having 0 or 29 degrees will be considered to be on the boundary of two zodiac signs getting reduced in power. If ascendant or lagan is on 0 or 29 degrees then it’ll have to be determined by checking characteristics of the person concerned which zodiac sign will serve as ascendant. Also in such a case time of birth as well as place of birth will have to be recorded more precisely. Now check the power of Moon (phase of Moon) in the lagna kundli by checking how many houses apart it is present from the Sun. If it is presen…

Source: best and famous astrologer in koramangala | 9663672335

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