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best numerologist in btm layout | NUMEROLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF NAME AND DATE OF BIRTH A. Name number B. Compound name number C. Birth number D. Fate number E. Compound fate number 1. Effect of birth number and ruling planet 2. Effect of birth number and name number 3. Effect of fate number and compound fate number 4. Effect of name number and compound name number 5. Married life 6. Health 7. Profession 8. Remedies 9. Favorable days 10. Harmony of numbers 11. Compatibility with others 12. Favorable colours 13. Music 14. Favorable directions 15. Prayer and mental tuning 16. Name change and name selection NAMING SERVICES – PROCESS STEP 1:- Our team of Vedic Astrologers analyze the horoscope of the person that needs a name. Post a detailed analysis of the birth details we arrive at the ideal sound/letter with which the name should be formed. We also highlight the letters/sounds that should never be used for naming the particular individual. These details are sent to the client as the first report for the client’s approval. Step 2:- Once we receive a confirmation from the client on the starting sound, we commence the name selection process. We follow the traditional methodology of selecting names which are short, easy to pronounce, with a definitive meaning and more important which sounds positive in nature. We send a list of names that signifies the above criteria. We also encourage the clients to send their preferred names so …

Source: best numerologist in btm layout | 9663672335

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