palmists in banashankari | 9663672335

palmists in banashankari | The science of Hand reading has its roots in India and has been practised for almost 3500 years by the ‘Joshi Caste’ from Rajasthan. Palmistry later spread to Greece, China, Persia, and Tibet and it is to the days of the Grecian civilizations that we owe the present clear and lucid form of this study. During the middle Ages in Europe several attempts were made to revive this ancient study. The church was vehemently opposed to this study between 15th and 17th century A.D. During the 18th, 19th, and 20th century Palmistry spread far and wide in Europe and the U.S, and the world witnessed some outstanding palmists like Count Louis Hamon (Cheiro), William G. Benham and Noel Jacquin to name a few, who researched and perfected this study in a scientific way. After all the Hand is the servant of the brain and the reflections of the subconscious as well. Thus was begun the scientific study of the hand. astrologer bhanukumar combines the best in Palmistry of 8 countries and h, immigration status and health as well. The exposure, there he got, spiked his interest in Medical Palmistry. He has been doing immense research in Medical Palmistry. He has the ability to tell people’s health problems just by seeing their nails pattern and the shape and size of the hand. His clientele – from middle class to ultra rich – are hailing from all walks of life. Parents of the children who have completed seven years of age are also appr…

Source: palmists in banashankari | 9663672335

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